Design02 - 65% - Matte Poppy

Design02 - 65% - Matte Poppy

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  • 65% Layout, arrow-key blocker
  • Supports ISO, split backspace, split left shift, and stepped CAPs
  • 6.5 degree typing angle
  • Compatible PCBs are KBD67 rev 2, KBD67 v2 mkii (solder/hotswap), Savage65, Instant65
  • Hardware includes 0.25" Dia. solid brass standoffs, low-profile top screws, standard-profile bottom screws, hex-keys, rubber feet
  • Weight (fully assembled) between 2 and 3 lbs depending on plate material
Metal plates cut and finished by the wonderful team at LaserBoost

KBD67 plate foam cut and provided by stupidfish designs. Compatible with 65% version of the Design02

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