Extras - Design03  Adelais PCB (Pink)

Extras - Design03 Adelais PCB (Pink)

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I understand that this an addon item for the associated keyboard case listed in the description below and is subject to a similar delivery timeline.

Limited Number of 20 units. Fits any Design03 keyboard case listed here 
arctan(KB) X Mechlovin Adelais Alice PCB with a pink solder mask.
PCBs Designed and built by Mechlovin' Studio.
Q: Why is there a limit of 20 units?
A: This is only meant to be a very limited option for those that want something a lot more different. I do not expect many people to want this as a primary/secondary option for the keyboard kit, so turned this into something very limited. If I see that there is enough demand to warrant an increase to this option then this can be arranged.
Q: Why is this more expensive than the standard blue solder mask PCB?
A: Pink solder mask is a more "specialty" color and has a higher cost to manufacture.
Q: Why is this only placed as an add-on?
A: Shopify only allows 100 variants of a product to exist. This does not allow to add pink as an option. Also, there will only be a select number of pink PCBs made.